Face Lifting Patches


 Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Color: Nude

Skin Type: The product is suitable for all types of skin types and can be used with confidence

Concerns: Wrinkles/Lines

Target Area: Face and Chest

Design: Smooth and skin-friendly design is made for repeated uses of up to 30 times. (When cared for Properly)

Multi-function: Not only can you alleviate wrinkles,but also helps eliminate scarring and unwanted stretch marks.

 Smooth, skin-friendly design, reusable and cleanable

Made of medical-grade silicone material, NO odors, NO allergens, NO irritants to the skin, safe for use. Dermatologically tested with an "excellent" skin tolerance result,High quality and durable, Significant lifting effect.

It can repair and prevent wrinkles caused by skin aging, side sleeping, and even sun damage.

Extra-thin silicone material, it gives you highest comfort and is very mild on skin



The eye cushion helps plump and tighten skin, minimize crepey skin and encouraging repair and collagen creation.

The anti-aging nasolabial folds helps to fade and repair wrinkles, improving skin elasticity.

That’s a facial pad that will help you with removing and preventing unpleasant wrinkles. It help train the eye facial muscles to regain firmness & elasticity to expression lines, forehead, crow's feet and décolletage.Your face skin will look young again and you will feel beautiful and confident.


Silicone Care Neck Pad is a medical grade tape that allows you to decrease the appearance of wrinkles on your neck by gently and discreetly tightening the skin to create a more youthful appearance.

Our face and neck are constantly in motion. Especially at night, we often adopt sleeping positions which form visible wrinkles on the neck. With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity and moisture. The Silicone Care Neck Pad offers the solution with a great result!




It can quickly repair wrinkles caused by skin aging, lying on the side, and even sun damage, and reduce forehead wrinkles.

Use regularly and avoid the appearance of forehead furrows, expression lines and frown lines that can be caused by aging, sun damage, and repeated facial movement. It gently and discreetly tightening the skin to create a more youthful appearance.



This product can effectively remove chest wrinkles,tighten the chest skin and make the chest more beautiful and healthy. It is suitable for daily home breast care,moisturizing and lifting the chest muscles.

Good anti wrinkle effect: The product can effectively moisturize the chest skin and remove breast wrinkles and unwanted stretch marks.


How to Use:

1. Make sure the treated area is thoroughly clean, dry and free of moisturizers, sunscreen, etc. Sweating may interfere with the adhesion process.

2. Place the silicone pad on the required area for at least one hour a day or overnight.

3. When finished, remove the silicone pad slowly in an upward motion. Wash the pad using mild soap free of moisturizers, emollients or oils.

4. Allow to AIR DRY in a clean location. Do not use any kind of towel.

5. Once it's dry, place the silicone pad back on the plastic sheet to protect its adhesive.

Note: Do not use on irritated, cut, scratched or burned skin.

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