Facial cleanser massager & Anti-aging Device


Radiate confidence

with a fresh, glowing complexion

Did you know that there is a way to regain young-looking skin?

And a non-surgical way to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles.

And a quick, easy way to rejuvenate your complexion?


Smart technology
for a youthful, radiant complexion

Skincare is now simplified with 3 therapies in 1 device for a healthy radiant complexion!

Cactus 3 in 1 Facial Cleanser and Toner

This innovative device combines the transformative power of cutting-edge EMS and LED technology to promote toned, clean, and healthy skin.

EMS Facial Fitness

Better than a facelift! The science is simple, and it’s a game-changer. Athletes and celebrities have used EMS training to exercise glutes and abs for years now. And now, so are we! Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses electric pulses to promote healthy circulation, strengthens muscles, firms skin and gives a more toned appearance.

EMS exercises and strengthens facial muscles, gifting you a youthful, sculpted and toned look!

LED light therapy

LED light therapy uses light to Light-emitting diodes (LED) which are scientifically proven to boost collagen production, relax skin cells, and destroy bacteria. Our smart technology utilizes three different light modes which leave your face looking young and fresh.

LED Blue light
eliminates bacteria in oil glands
and reduces acne.
LED Red light
boosts collagen production
for younger-looking skin.
LED Green light
lightens hyperpigmentation
to give a brighter, relaxed complexion.


Cleansing Brush

The Cactus uses soft pulsating high-grade nylon bristles to massage skin while gently loosening oils, makeup, and dead skin, making your complexion brighter, smoother and more radiant.

Different speeds for different results!
Slower speed
for a relaxing massage and gentler skin.
Higher speed
for deeper cleansing and invigorating the skin.
Continuous or pulsing vibration
to improve circulation for healthier, younger skin.


Get firmer, toned skin in less than 5 minutes

Eyes : Use massage with high or low pulsation to firm the eye area. Feel the area tightening as you massage.

Neck : Firms and tightens your neck with less than 3-minute massage. Enjoy transforming this tell-tale sign of aging!

Contour : Sculpts and contours your jawbones and cheek with 5 minutes of massage. Admire the instant difference!

Mouth : Reduce frown lines while tightening your jawline with less than 3 minutes of massage.

See and feel results instantly!

We want you to feel your best and get the best results immediatety. So we designed the Cactus to be AS EASY AS POSSIBLE to use and include in your daily skincare routine.

No complicated multi-step processes!

● Choose your preferred speed and light mode. Top button chooses speed. Bottom button selects the light mode.

● Dampen with warm water and apply your favorite soap to your Cactus.

● Use in a circular motion around each area of your face. We recommend 2 minutes for each area.

● Finally, dry your face gently with a towel.

Use your Cactus with a mask
for an even firmer effect!

Simply follow the same steps as above but instead of applying soap, apply the mask.

Keep your Cactus in top working order

Your waterproof Cactus loves being cleaned with warm soapy water and a clean cloth.

Are you ready to feel like a new woman?

We want the best for you. You deserve the best, and Doctor Cactus can help you feel your best!

- improve the health of your skin

- prevent issues with improved cleanliness

- look younger and slow down the aging process

- Improve circulation and regain a youthful glow

- boost confidence and radiate beauty

You are beautiful. And now you can feel beautiful.

You deserve to be the best version or yourself, and Doctor Cactus can help!.

All you have to do is to remember…..

… use the Cactus for a few minutes every day!


Hurry as very limited stock available

Rechargeable lithium battery and charging cable are included. Everything is there waiting for you

Join 1000’s of beautiful and confident women
who love Doctor Cactus!

Defy the aging process today!



 Medical Grade Infrared LED and EMS face cleansing Therapy Device







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