Massager Cup




Product Description:

Achieve cellulite-free , smooth and firm skin using our brand new body massager cup. This silicone beauty tool is designed to help smooth uneven fat deposits beneath the surface of the skin.


What does it do ?

The silicone cup perform gently to the surface of the skin using pressure.

- Activates metabolism stimulation
- Activates healthy circulation
- Eases muscle tension for a relaxing experience
- Reduced visible cellulite
- Promotes healthy lymphatic drainage which encourages the flush of unwanted waste and toxins from the body 


How to use it ?

Cleanse your skin and apply oil or body butter. Simply apply the cup to the area of skin you’d like to treat. Squeeze the cup gently to create pressure that allows you to create a seal.

Once the silicone cup is sealed to the surface of the skin, simply push and pull in circular motions for a deep massage



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