“Normal” Skin

Even if you don’t struggle with oily, sensitive, or dry skin, skin care needs to be a priority. Remember the Cactus doesn’t just clean the surface, it works below tour skins surface as well – keeping your muscles toned, killing bacteria, and maintaining your skin. Use the Cactus with your favorite soap to keep your skin clean and bacteria free. Enjoy the added benefits of the Cactus to keep your skin blemish free and amazing for years to come!


Sensitive skin

Your skin requires full time maintenance, the Cactus makes it easier.


You probably already know this, but a lot of cleansers  so-called “moisturizers” actually damage your skin more than they help. We suggest using natural moisturizing ingredients like aloe, shea or avocado oil. Pair this with the gentle exfoliation of the Cactus to really work the moisturizers in. Your skin will thank you.  


Reactions to chemicals are the worst! They’re even worse when it’s on your face! We suggest finding  a cleanser  that works for you, the worst thing to do is keep using a product that keeps irritating you’re skin. The great news is the Cactus is gentle, easy to clean, and will not irritate the skin.


Gentle Exfoliation. Say it with us. Gentle Exfoliation. The soft high grade silicon touch points of the Cactus provide the perfect gentle exfoliation. Paired with the perfect exfoliating cleanse or mask, The Cactus will help clear your pores, kill harmful bacteria and return your skin to beautiful. Say goodbye to build-up on your skin.

Fine Lines:

Getting rid of those fine lines is easy- if you have the right product.. The Cactus gently massages and exfoliates problem areas to keep your skin looking smooth and beautiful . Unlike harsh masks or other products, the Cactus is  gentle enough that you can use it regularly without damaging your skin. and you can combine it with natural moisturizing products. Minimize the lines on your skin. We recommend pairing with your favorite Natural moisturizer and using regularly. The results? Beautifully smooth and young looking skin.

Combined skin

Oily and Dry Areas:

Sometimes, your skin doesn’t know what it wants to be. Oily, dry, or both? Surprisingly, the answer to oily skin is the same as dry skin. Use the Cactus to wash and  gently prepare your skin for moisturizing. As you use natural moisturizers, your skin will reduce its own  production of oils. Those shiny spots and dry spots. This will leave your skin feeling fresh, balanced, and clear.

Large Pores and Blackheads:

No more! Using the Cactus for deep cleansing and exfoliating combined with your favorite natural moisturizers will remove blackheads and allow your pores to reduce back to their smaller beautiful appearance.