Doctor Cactus is a family company. Whenever we are together, we feel a special bond. We smile a little more, we laugh a little more, we feel a little more alive. Our desire is to share that feeling with you. 


Our products:

The CACTUS 3 in 1 Facial Cleanser and Toner is designed to help you keep your face looking clean, young, and fresh! Our product are designed in London to help you get just a little more out of life. 

Product Features: 

Face Care Simplified - One Device For A Healthy, Clean Face 

Our Cactus 3 in 1 Facial Cleanser and Toner combines the power of EMS and LED technology to keep your face toned, clean, and healthy.


1) EMS Facial Fitness

 Like a face lift, but better! Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses electric pulses to promote healthy circulation and strengthen muscles. Just like an exercise for your glutes or abs, EMS helps strengthen and tone your facial muscles- giving you a youthful, sculpted look!

EMS training has been used be professionals athletes and celebrities for years now. The science is simple. The electric pulses will help strengthen your muscles in ways that traditional exercises won’t. That technology has been adapted to be beneficial for your face as well. Known benefits include: improved circulation, firmer skin, strengthened muscles, a more toned appearance.


2) LED light therapy?

LED light therapy uses light to Light emitting diodes (LED) have been proven to help your skin by boosting collagen production, relaxing skin cells, and destroying bacteria. Our device utilizes three different light modes to help clean your skin and leave your face looking young and fresh.

- Blue light helps eliminate bacteria in oil glands and helps reduce acne.

- Red boosts collagen production for younger looking skin.

- Green light is absorbed into the skin helping lighten hyper pigmentation to give a brighter, relaxed complexion.    


3) Cleansing Brush

- The Cactus uses soft pulsating bristles to massage the skin while gently loosening oils, makeup, and dead skin from your  face. Choose the speed that works for you!

- Slower speed is recommended for a relaxing massage and gentler skin.

- Higher speed is recommended for deeper cleansing and invigorating the skin.

- Continuous or pulsing vibration



Your Cactus Facial Cleanser runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. Charging cable included. 

Thank you for letting us help you live just a little bit more. Much love from the Doctor Cactus team.



Our Long Wood Body Brush is made with natural bristles. Discover the world of dry body brushing with this must-have beauty tool. An easy tool to enjoy before your shower or bath, use CACTUS body brush 1 to 2 times per week as part of your routine. 



Achieve cellulite-free , smooth and firm skin using our brand new body massager cup. This silicone beauty tool is designed to help smooth uneven fat deposits beneath the surface of the skin.



Facial Massage and slimming Roller Stone Beauty Care Tool ( Body, Head, Neck Lifting Tool)



Face Lifting and Wrinkle Remover Facial Massage Relaxation Tool

Focus on lifting and sculpting your face and eye contour with our special designed face shaper tool.