I was using the Wrong Mask!

Face masks are amazing! I started using them when I got too busy to go to the spa (one or the many joys of momhood). At first, I was a little skeptical, but since starting, I’ve found a few masks that really work. The biggest thing that I found is a lot of masks are good, but should be used at different times. For example, I’ve found that hydrating or skin boosting masks are best used in the morning. Not only is a refreshing mask a great mood lift to start the day, but you really get to show off your vibrant skin through the day. (That’s the whole point, right?)  On the other side, I find that you’ll want to use exfoliating, pore cleansing, or problem area masks in the evening. Clean your face really well and prepare it for the mask. Take your time. Let the mask work it’s magic!


So even though, face masks weren’t always my favorite choice, I really think they are a great choice. It’s important to find masks that work for your skin and to develop a consistent routine.  Start your morning with a glow-boosting or hydrating mask and end it with a deep cleanse. My general rule of thumb is, show off during the day and repair at night.


Written by : Joshua Finley