Bar soap or no?

Today, I’d like to talk about a skin care mistake that many of us make. Washing your face with bar soap.

Perhaps many of you were like me, I just didn’t know how bad bar soap was for my skin. I thought I was saving money and that those facial cleaners were just trying to take my hard earned money! Then I learned exactly how bad bar soap was for my skin. Here’s what I learned. 

• Your skin was made to protect your body. When your skin is dry or irritated, not only does it not look its best, but it also is unable to do its job.

• Bar soap doesn’t just dry your skin. It also destroys your skin’s natural protection – leaving it vulnerable to bacteria(cause of acne), aging free radicals, and damaged skin.

• Bar soap also leaves a thin film of residue on your skin which can cause grease buildup, clogged pores and other skin damaging conditions.

• Facial cleansers are healthy for your skin. Unlike bar soaps, most facial cleansers are formulated to improve specific skin conditions, including, oily skin, sensitivity, and acne.


After learning about the benefits of facial cleansers compared to bar soap, I pretty much immediately switched my whole skincare routine. My skin has never been happier. I noticed the difference probably in about five or six days. I hope this article has given you the information you need to say – no, to bar soap.


Written by : Joshua Finley